Big Sky North Project

Performance Utility Supply was able to lend our friends in Rosendin Electric a hand by delivering a whole bunch of black High-Density Polyethylene pipe and HPDE Fusion Machines to their construction site in Antelope Valley.  The pipe is being used for an undergrounding a 230-kV transmission line. The fusion machines take two lengths of the black pipe and connect them together through a high-temperature fusion process. We plan on taking a lot more loads up there over the course of the project.

performance-utility-supply-inc_blog_Big Sky North Solar Project_Rosendin Electric.jpg

Rosendin has been working on the Big Sky North Project since last year. They've been contracted through sPower, the largest private owner of operating solar assets in the US, to connect the 230-kV Underground Transmission Line to the existing Big Sky North substation. 

performance-utility-supply-inc_blog_big-sky-north-solar-project_rosendin-electric_pipe layout.jpg

We are always happy to work with our friends at Rosendin Electric and we're going to continue helping by keeping all the HDPE Pipe they need in stock and ready for delivery. It takes teamwork to get the job done.

SR-91 HOV Project

Construction beginning westbound at 14th street photo courtesy:  Project website

Construction beginning westbound at 14th street
photo courtesy: Project website

Traffic concerns on the 91 freeway have led the Riverside County Transportation Committee to partner with Caltrans in providing commuters with an added Carpool/HOV lane.

This extra driving lane will start at Adams Street and continue to the Riverside Interchange (60-91-215).

This project will benefit vehicles using this route daily, and hopefully clear some of the congestion.



The overall result will be a state of the art transportation thorough way that serves motorists by adding capacity while easing access to and from the community which better serves businesses, employers and local residents. 

The task project should create 1,500 jobs while they widen 6 miles of the freeway in both directions. Of this project, Performance Utility Supply is excited to announce their participation by providing underground supplies to this large undertaking.

Contracted by Select Electric, assistance has been requested as they too take on the task. PUS will be providing the underground sub-structure materials. 

Beginning in 2012, this job is estimated to continue through the end of 2017. As Caltrans finishes up their work, Select and PUS is just beginning.

For frequent commuters, make sure to check the project lane closures before driving on the 91, as the safety of Caltrans workers’ is top priority.

Project and PUS's partnering with Select Electric solidifies that there is no project they can't handle.

See you on the road...

The Root 66 Community Garden

San Bernardino County has some of the worst access to healthy food options than anywhere else in the State of California, so it's not surprising that a new study this year found Inland Empire residents overall fatter and unhealthier than the average Californian. But a group of concerned locals are trying to change this.

The mission of the non-profit Root 66 Community Garden is to educate local citizens of all ages about the healthful benefits of gardening, while strengthening and building the community. Its intent is to improve the quality of life and access to healthy food options in the Inland Empire region of San Bernardino County. Some of the ways this non-profit will help is by:

  • Providing garden plots to anyone with an interest in growing their own food
  • Helping low-income families with children
  • Donating food to local food banks and homebound seniors
  • Revitalizing the local viticulture heritage
  • Education in gardening and food production
  • Establishing a Farmer's Market

The Root 66 Community Garden Project rests on about 15 acres next to a water channel and electric easement south of Day Creek and Foothill boulevards, south of Victoria Gardens. 

The land, upon which the garden lies, was deeded to the Upland-based Restorative Justice Center of the Inland Empire, a nonprofit that will oversee the community garden's revenue and upkeep. The Restorative Justice Center was founded in 2000 with a mission to find better ways to repair harm when injustices occur.  The lack of access to healthy food within our community is one of those injustices that can be alleviated by this community garden.  Dee Matreyek, the founder of the Root 66 Garden, has a Ph.D in political science from the Claremont Graduate University.  She has worked as a mediator (juvenile victim offender mediation) and trainer of conflict resolution at the California Institute for Woman, Loma Linda University, Chapman University, and in Kenya.  She is a member of and president-elect of the Rotary Club of Rancho Cucamonga, which has adopted the Root 66 Garden as one of its partnership projects.

Korey was approached through some friends to participate in the Root 66 project and he was immediately intrigued by the vision. Korey understands the struggles in today's society and how people often judge others without taking a hard look in the mirror.  He is adamant about giving back to programs that help enrich and rehabilitate the lives of others that normally would not be given the chance.

"I am excited to participate in this endeavor with Dee and the team of people she has put together," said Korey. "It will be a great setting to show kids and families things they just may never see, touch or feel."

Korey Chirkanian working the Backhoe and Zach Chirkanian, Gary Lyttle, Jacob Lyttle and Dillion Lyttle laying pipe

Korey Chirkanian working the Backhoe and Zach Chirkanian, Gary Lyttle, Jacob Lyttle and Dillion Lyttle laying pipe

As Performance Utility Supply set to help out the project, Korey experienced this exact situation first-hand when his own child expressed an interest in helping. Korey took his son Zach and Zach's friend Jacob to the site and had them work with the team all day, installing the water and power infrastructure. They carried 20' pieces of 4" PVC pipe - well over 100 yards worth. They laid over 400+ feet, glued caps and pushed pipe into the trenches - and all of this in sweltering 99˚ temperatures.

"When we ended the day and got in the truck, Zach looked at me and said 'Dad, that was fricken' miserable!  But, I feel like I got something done." My response was 'Welcome to the real world son. You did a great job working your butt off and I am proud of you'."

Getting the well pump station in place.

Getting the well pump station in place.

The community garden will rely on volunteers of all ages. You can learn more about the garden, plus check out opportunities to donate time or money, on the Root 66 website. Also, follow them on social media to stay up to date with the latest news:

FACEBOOK: The Root 66 Community Garden
TWITTER: @TheRoot66Garden

Kaiser Permantente San Diego Central Hospital

Kaiser Permanente has begun construction in Kearny Mesa on it's first new hospital in San Diego in 40 years. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans, serving approximately 9.3 million members. With 528,000 San Diego County members, Kaiser is one of the region's largest health providers.

“Kaiser Permanente’s new central hospital will be a high tech hospital of the future,” said Mary Ann Barnes, senior vice president and executive director for Kaiser Permanente San Diego. “From green design to the latest technology, it will have all the tools to provide our members with the highest quality care in a beautiful, healing and nurturing environment.” 

The 565,000 square feet facility will be built on 19 acres of land with a 1,400 space parking structure, wrap around healing garden and gourmet cafeteria. Inside the seven-story building will be 450 patient rooms which will feature sophisticated technology in telehealth, digital way-finding, clinical informatics and communication. Some of the technology includes patient remote-controlled room environments for blinds, lights, and temperature, plus an interactive entertainment wall for internet, movies, and video chats.

The central hospital will be the first in California to earn the LEED Gold health care hospital certification. Besides energy-efficient electrical, air, and plumbing, it will be the first hospital in the nation to use all LED lighting throughout. They will take advantage of natural lighting, a solar photovoltaic system, and active chilled beams in patient rooms. The use of reclaimed water will be for landscaping and the cooling towers.

Working with electrical contractor Morrow-Meadows, Performance Utility Supply has been delivering materials to the Kaiser Permanente jobsite since February 2014.

Various sizes on SCH40 conduit, fittings, bends, segments
Glue, empty quart cans and rollers

Korey took a trip to the jobsite in May and you can see the progress on the P.U.S. Instagram.

All Images copyright CO Architects

Carlsbad Desalination Plant

Performance Utility Supply is excited to be a part of a project that will benefit thousands of our friends to the south. The Carlsbad Desalination Project consists of a 50 million gallon per day (56,000 acre-feet per year (AFY)) seawater desalination plant and the associated 10-mile water delivery pipeline. The project is located at the Encina Power Station in the City of Carlsbad.

Desalination has evolved into a desirable water supply alternative by tapping the largest reservoir in the world - the Pacific Ocean. The technology, available for decades, is at work in many arid areas of the world including the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. A 30-year Water Purchase Agreement is in place between the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and Poseidon for the entire output of the plant. Construction on the plant and pipeline is under way and the Project will be delivering water to the businesses and residents in San Diego County by 2016.

State, regional and local water plans all have confirmed that immediate and pressing water needs cannot be accomplished without some investment in seawater desalination.

  • The project will provide 56,000 AFY of new water supply for the San Diego region.
  • The CA Department of Water Resources’ 2009 Water Plan Update identifies the need for 275,000 AF of desalinated water by 2025.
  • The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Integrated Water Resources Plan identifies a need for 150,000 AFY of seawater desalination (including 56,000 AFY from the Carlsbad project) by the year 2020.
  • The San Diego County Water Authority’s (SDCWA) Urban Water Management Plan identifies a need for 56,000 AFY of seawater desalination from the Carlsbad project by 2016.

The Carlsbad City Council found that “the desalination plant serves an extraordinary public purpose.”

  • Provides high quality drinking water that will compare favorably with existing water supplies.
  • Generates up to $5.3 million per year in increased property and business tax revenues.
  • 2,300 construction jobs and 500 new permanent jobs.

The project will advance the goals of the Coastal Act to maintain, restore and enhance public access and recreation and maintain, restore and enhance the marine environment through the dedication of more than 15 acres of lagoon and ocean front land for public purposes.

Poseidon Water has contracted with a joint venture of Kiewit Infrastructure West and J.F. Shea Construction, Inc., to design and build the desalination plant and pipeline. IDE Technologies, Ltd., a world leader in desalination technology and operations, will engineer the desalination plant’s design and equipment and handle plant operations.


Construction on the plant began in late 2012 and pipeline construction began in spring of 2013. Pipeline installation is currently underway in Carlsbad and Vista. In San Marcos, construction is nearing completion as crews are working to restore and repave streets where pipeline installation occurred. To keep the public informed about the progress of construction, Poseidon Water will provide regular construction updates on this website related to timing and potential detours and closures. Poseidon Water will work to minimize impacts to nearby businesses, residents, and commuters during construction. We appreciate your patience during this vital water supply project. 

Performance Utility Supply started supplying materials to the Carslbad Desalination Project in April 2013 and is still delivering approximately once a week. Materials include:

  • Various sizes of SCH40 conduit, fittings, bends, segments
  • Various sizes of GRC coated conduit and bends
  • Duct spacers, plugs, custom made reducers, junction box adapters
Performance Utility Supply delivered PVC Conduit, PVC Coated Conduit, Fiberglass Conduit, and Medium Voltage Copper Cable

Performance Utility Supply delivered PVC Conduit, PVC Coated Conduit, Fiberglass Conduit, and Medium Voltage Copper Cable

Here is an introduction video to the Carlsbad Desalination Plant Project:

But let's get into what us dirt heads are really all about: Construction and Toys. Here is a drone flying over the project January 2014:

There is a wealth of information you can find on the Carlsbad Desalination Project Website. Besides that, they have Twitter and Facebook to keep everyone up-to-date. All construction photos are courtesy and copyright CarlsbadDesal on Flickr.

About Poseidon Water
Poseidon Water specializes in developing and financing water infrastructure projects, primarily seawater desalination and water treatment plants. Poseidon’s projects are implemented through innovative public-private partnerships that link private financing with the construction and operation of water supply and treatment projects.

Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

To better meet today’s growing traffic volumes, the Port of Long Beach has begun a project to replace the Gerald Desmond Bridge. The project is a joint effort of Caltrans and the Port, with funding contributions from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).

The new bridge will be built with a cable-stayed design. With 200 feet of clearance over the water, the new bridge will be high enough to accommodate the newest generation of the most efficient cargo ships. And with three lanes in each direction plus safety lanes, it will be wider and better able to serve the 68,000 vehicle trips a day and about 18 million trips a year. 

The route is an important one. The Gerald Desmond Bridge has been designated as a National Highway System Intermodal Connector Route and part of the Federal Strategic Highway Network. It is a critical structure serving the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange counties and the nation.

Construction of the new bridge and removal of the existing bridge is expected to take five years starting in early 2013. During construction, the current bridge will remain in use for drivers and will be taken down once the new bridge is completed and open. The bridge project will generate, on average, about 3,000 jobs for the five years of building the new bridge and taking down the existing structure. 


  • Three lanes in each direction for improved traffic flow
  • Emergency lanes on both sides to reduce traffic delays and safety hazards from accidents and vehicle breakdowns
  • A 200-foot vertical clearance to accommodate the world’s largest, “greener” vessels
  • A reduction in the bridge’s steep grades, for further improvements to traffic flow
  • A planned bike/pedestrian path with scenic overlooks
  • Additional improvements include reconstruction of the Terminal Island East Interchange and the I-710/Gerald Desmond Bridge Interchange 


Performance Utility Supply started delivering materials to the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in August 2013. Some of the materials include:

  • Various sizes on SCH40 conduit, fittings, bends, segments
  • Various sizes on SCH80 conduit
  • EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) conduit
  • Fiberglass risers
  • Yellow poly rope, purple primer, glue, ground rods & clamps,  copper wire, expandable plugs, duct spacers
  • Custom made 20" Full Complement Bore Spacer with 4 ea. 5" & 1ea. 2" Sch40 PVC Conduits made of 3/4" HDPE




TWITTER: @newgdbridge 

YOUTUBE: LBBridgeProject 


All Photos courtesy of the Port of Long Beach
Information Provided by the Port of Long Beach Fact Sheet

Supplying Materials To HP Communications

Under the hot desert sun, HP Crew is using a Condux Fiber Optic Cable Blower to blow microfiber into Duraline's 10/8 microduct.

Under the hot desert sun, HP Crew is using a Condux Fiber Optic Cable Blower to blow microfiber into Duraline's 10/8 microduct.

Performance Utility Supply recently supplied materials to our client, HP Communications, for their telecommunications project. HP Communications is full turnkey OSP/ISP contractor whose mission statement parallels Performance Utility Supply's: committing themselves to quality and the highest standards of workmanship. They have offices across the United States with over 300 in-house employees. 

This particular project has HP Communications laying the fiber optic cable and microduct for the Zayo Group, who is constructing and operating a telecommunications equipment shelter for a fiber optic regeneration facility. The purpose of the equipment shelter is to regenerate the fiber optic signal and be used for data transfer. The project includes cast in place concrete foundations, a pre-manufacture equipment shelter, and back up generator.

Left: HP is blowing microfiber into the "white" 10/8 microduct. Right: Condux Fiber Optic Blower

Left: HP is blowing microfiber into the "white" 10/8 microduct. Right: Condux Fiber Optic Blower

Performance Utility Supply worked with Chris Dotinga, San Diego Project Manager at HP Communications, to supply them with Duraline 8/10 Microduct & OFS Microfiber. Microduct is very small in size and the fiber is even smaller because it goes inside the microduct. Duraline MicroDuct allows you to expand your fiber network and increase bandwidth as your needs increase. To get the microfiber into the microduct, HP is using a CONDUX Fiber Optic Cable Blower; the Gulfstream 400 deluxe fiber-optic blower.

You can see a video of it in action by clicking here.

It will run from El Centro, CA to Yuma, AZ; around 60 miles of cable.

Left: The HP crew making it all happen! Right: Laying out figure-8 fiber.

Left: The HP crew making it all happen! Right: Laying out figure-8 fiber.

Cascade Solar Power Plant

P.U.S. is all about the green...ENERGY, that is! Performance Utility Supply provided utility supplies to the newly completed Cascade Solar Power Plant, located in Joshua Tree, California. 

SunEdison, a leading solar technology manufacturer and provider of solar energy services, announced last month that it had completed construction of a 24 megawatt direct current solar power plant located in the California Desert.  The Cascade solar power plant is supplying renewable electricity to San Diego Gas & Electric through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Wells Fargo & Company provided tax equity financing following completion of the solar power plant. 

The 150-acre solar power plant is comprised of more than 75,000 SunEdison Silvantis™ Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules mounted to SunEdison AP90 Single Axis Trackers.  Silvantis Modules are built using SunEdison polysilicon and wafers to ensure maximum reliability and performance.  SunEdison AP90 single axis trackers help maximize energy harvest. The plant will be managed by the SunEdison Renewable Operation Center (ROC), which provides global 24/7 asset management, monitoring, field dispatch and reporting services.

The project's PPA was awarded under the California Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM). The RAM process is designed to ensure ratepayers get energy at a low cost by using a reverse auction and standard contracts, which simplifies contracting and streamlines regulatory reviews.  To date this is the largest solar project to come on-line under the RAM program and the first RAM project constructed for SDG&E.

"It's an honor to bring the largest solar power plant interconnected through the California RAM program online," said Bob Powell, president, North America, SunEdison.  "It supports our focus on growth and the growth of the solar industry in California.  We are fortunate to work with Wells Fargo, a committed finance partner, which shares our vision for increasing the availability of renewable energy.  Their support is vital to completing projects like this one."

Performance Utility Supply started on the Cascade renewable energy project in 2013. The materials P.U.S. delivered included –

  • Various sizes on SCH40 conduit, fittings, bends, segments
  • Various sizes on SCH80 conduit
  • EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) conduit
  • Glue, tape, locknuts, yellow poly rope


SOURCE SunEdison, Inc. 
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The Source at Buena Park

In November 2013, Performance Utility Supply began delivering materials to The Source, a new retail destination in Southern California. The Source will be the premiere destination for the aspiring Buena Park community, also known as the “Center of the Southland,” and its surrounding areas. It is a welcomed addition to Buena Park, which lacks major retail centers.  The area is densely populated; 7.5 million residents live within a 20-mile radius. Positioned in Orange County, it will be an exciting haven for locals and out-of-town shoppers to indulge in a unique fusion of world-class shopping, dining and entertainment.

With its distinct, modern design, retail-lined streetscapes, dining patios, water features and well-manicured rooftop gardens, The Source will entice and captivate each guest as they journey through this exciting, aesthetically inspiring, dining and retail rich shopping mecca. To further enhance The Source as a highly desired and frequented destination, a health club, entertainment and nightlife concepts will be a part of the diverse experiential mix.

  • Approximately 400,000-square-foot multi-experiential retail destination
  • Dynamic and modern urban design
  • A curated selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices, featuring international, national, and boutique brands
  • Convenient, state-of-the-art above-grade parking structures with valet options
  • Energetic streetscapes and lively patio seating areas
  • Lush landscaping, garden walkways, water features, and more unique points of interest
  • Full integration of the latest in digital media technology
  • Special events, live entertainment, and ongoing event programming in the plazas
  • Additional office, residential, and hotel components

Since November 2013, Performance Utility Supply has provided:

  • Various sizes on SCH40 conduit, fittings, bends, segments
  • EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) conduit
  • Ty-Wire, glue, ground rods, copper wire, plugs, marking paint

Performance Utility supply takes pride in providing quality materials to The Source, breaking new ground in Buena Park, and helping the growth of its economy.   

All images COPYRIGHT 2011 - 2014 © THE SOURCE. Information gathered from The Source Press Package: