Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Project

One of the coolest projects that we’ve ever been a part of is about to open its doors and we are all pretty excited for it. Star Wars Land, now being called Galaxy’s Edge at the Happiest Place On Earth, will be opening ahead of schedule come May 31st. The big wigs over at the Mouse’s House are all saying that the schedule modification stems from the tremendous amount of interest coming from visiting patrons. That may be true, but we believe those patrons have an army of contractors to thank for the early access. Hundreds of crews from every trade in the book worked tirelessly over the last few years, usually overnight, busting their ass to get the job done early and we were glad to help them get the job done.

Star Wars Land-Rendering-Blog.jpg

To get an idea of the size of this project, here is a picture of one structure under construction last year and then the completed structure surrounded by the rest of the Galaxy’s Edge, including a life size version of the Millenium Falcon this year. The Falcon will be the set for one of the parks coolest attractions, Smuggler’s Run.


Performance Utility Supply provided over a 150 Miles of PVC pipe to our friends at Morrow Meadows, who was part of that army doing the dirty work. Along with the PVC, PUS supplied 3000 feet of Prefab Duct Banks like those shown here. Performance Utility Supply is dedicated to the underground contractor..

When the attraction opens May 31st, Star Wars fans young and old will get the chance to experience a Galaxy Far, Far Away. But, you might want to check out the park blog from time to time to see about reserving tickets to the attraction. You won’t be able to get in with just your ticket to the park. Images of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are credited to