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Performance Utility Supply's transportation services are second to none. We run the largest fleet of 45' tractor-trailers in Southern California, more than any other independent distributor. Our logistics management team is the best in the business, with over 30 years of experience developing comprehensive plans to fit our clients' needs. Our versatile flatbed trailers allow for greater dimensional flexibility and can be loaded with a myriad of products and materials. For added efficiency when it comes to off loading, the trailers can be equipped with piggy back fork lifts. Performance Utility Supply Inc offers the following in transportation and logistics services: 

Performance Utility Supply Offers:

  • Professional Drivers 

  • Secure Loading & Off Loading

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Logistics Management

  • TWIC Certified Personnel

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Piggy Back Fork Lifts

  • Versatile Equipment 

  • Materials Handling

  • Competitive Rates

All PUS Drivers are registered with the TSA and Department of Homeland Security allowing unescorted access to port facilities using TWIC.