Scattergood Generating Station

In August, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) began rebuilding the Scattergood Generating Station to reduce—and take steps towards eliminating—ocean water cooling, emissions from the plant, and improve power reliability. This project marks an effort to continue progress towards clean energy in Los Angeles. Performance Utility Supply, also located in Southern California, was contracted to provide the complete sub-structure package for the Scattergood Generating Station, consisting of all PVC Conduit, Galvanized Rigid Conduit (GRC), and the Fiberglass Conduit.

The following photos show some of the work currently being done on the Scattergood project with the materials provided by Performance Utility Supply:

Performance Utility Supply started delivering to the Scattergood Project in November 2013. Deliveries are scheduled every other day at 0700 with a tractor and trailer full of material. Types of materials sent to the Scattergood Project include:

·Various sizes SCH40 Conduit and couplings

·4” Fiberglass 90 x 48 Risers with 2x Swedge

·12” SDR35 Pipe Gasketed 20’

·Various sizes GRC couplings and conduit

·NOALOX anti-Oxidant

·Various sized of PVC fittings

·Various size sweeps and segments with various degrees of bends, all custom made

·Various sizes lifting eyes

·GRC Threaded Insert Plugs

·Carlon Base & Intermediate Spacers

·JM Base & Intermediate Spacers

·CalAm Base & Intermediate Spacers

·8” Sch40 Irrigation Conduit

·Custom made GRC Nipples

·Aervoe Galvanizing Paint Coating


Scattergood Generating Station is a 55-acre facility adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in west Los Angeles. It consists of three units that are currently conventional steam turbine generators that burn natural gas in boiler units to create steam. Unit 3 has the largest output, of 460 megawatts. The new generating units that Performance Utility Supply is providing materials for will be 33% more fuel efficient than the existing Unit 3, and feature advanced pollution control systems.

For more information on the project, see the following video from NewswireLA: